Tuesday, 10 September 2013

XOXO Gossip Girl (Back to School)

I know I am pretty late for the back to school posts but here it is anyway...

When I was younger I only wore a uniform for a bit before I changed school. I used to hate wearing a uniform but after watching gossip girl I realised how amazing your school uniform can look with a few alterations. You no longer have to feel that you are wearing the same old boring outfit everyday.

Coats are the easiest and most obvious way to make your uniform your own. If you are unlucky enough to have a hideous school uniform (South Hamstead High School with your horrible yellow shirts I am looking at you) then you can disguise them in a coat. You can toughen it up with a biker. You can stay warm and cute in a duffle. Stand out with a printed or bright colour coat. Your choices are endless.

Left to right: Peter Jensen, Topshop Duffle, Selected & Topshop Biker

Throwing on a jumper can again transform your uniform. I love how Serena paired her school uniform with sequinned cardigans without it looking tacky. You could even wear fluffy cardigans if you are daring enough!

Left to right: Filles A Papa, Vero Moda, ASOS & Motel

Black is tights are a staple but why not change it up and have a bit fun? When I was in school they were really strict about uniform but the one thing we could change were our tights. My favourites were polka dotted tights. I love how the girls in gossip girl wear their uniform with colourful tights. I wish I had the guts to wear tights like that when I was younger!

Left to right: ASOS- Polka dots, Red, White & Hearts 

One of the biggest rules at my school was that no heels were allowed. Today there are so many fabulous flats to choose from so why put yourself through the pain even if you are allowed to wear heels?!

Left to right: New Look, Whistles, ASOS loafers & ASOS Brogues

Bags are another great way to show your individuality without getting in trouble. When I was younger we all carried massive totes. The bigger the better we all thought. I am still extremely embarrassed. If I went back to school now I'd have to backpack they make such amazing ones now! I feel so old saying that...

Left to right: ASOS- Leather, Stripe, Felt & Aztec

How could I write a back to school post inspired by gossip girl without mentioning headbands? I think no school outfit can be complete without a Blair Waldorf style headband.

Left to right: ASOS- Bejewelled Headband, Flower Headband, Gem Headband & Bow Headband
After watching the episode where the girls play hockey I realised my gym uniform was seriously lacking in accessories. Pretty sure you won't get away with it but can't hurt to try?

Left to right: Barbour, Mulberry, Happy Socks & Boohoo

Even if you don't have a school uniform throw on a shirt and a tartan skirt anyway! If I was still in school I would pretend that I did just so I could dress up like someone from gossip girl. Even if you didn't like the show admit it you have wardrobe envy of these ladies!

Am I the only one considering dressing like this even though I am not in school anymore?


  1. Oh, old memories! Love the gossip girl college look!

    Feel free to visit:

    1. Yeah I pretty much wanted anything they wore! I wish the show was still running just so I could have fashion inspiration!

  2. OH I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL Chuck and Blair ^^ http://fashionrubies.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Me too! Though for some time I was all for dan and blair. Not sure what I was thinking!

  3. this was such an amazing post! so unique and interesting. thanks so much!


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