Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Pizza Cheat

Sadly I can't live off of cookies and cake. I'd happily would if calories didn't count. Now this recipe isn't exactly healthy. However I am pretty sure its healthier than Kinder Kookies at least. This is one of the quickest and easiest recipes ever. Now I am not even sure if this would even be considered as a recipe since its so simple. I just tastes so good that I couldn't not share it with you all. Its basically the easiest homemade pizza recipe. Now you probably think this must be some recipe where you have to make the dough and ingredients from scratch. Well if you have read any of my other posts then you'll know I am all about cutting corners. I hate spending hours in the kitchen when I just end up finishing my food in a third of the time it takes to make. Sadly microwave meals just don't cut it for me. All I want is amazing food which involves minimal cooking and cleaning. Is that too much to ask for?!

Okay this post is starting to turn into a rant about how I hate to cook but love to eat rather than a recipe post. Sorry... Anyway you could make a pizza from scratch if you really want to. However if you are lazy like me you can buy all the ingredients and just pile them all on each other. It may be that I was just in the lurch about this but I never even considered buying the ingredients and making a pizza myself. Whenever I am craving it I just dial up dominos. Well after discovering this I don't think dominos will ever cut it again. The thing I love about this recipe is that all you need is a store bought pizza base (I had no idea that you could buy these which is why I am so amazed by this recipe) , some tomato sauce and mozzarella. You can then add whatever your heart desires. For me its more like whatever is in my fridge...

1 Pizza Base 
Tomato Sauce 
Buffalo Mozzarella
Cherry Tomatoes

Layout your base on a tray. I luckily I had a pizza baking tray which is a godsend to use when cooking pizza in the oven.  It has holes in it so the bottom because crispy too. If you don't have one its not a big deal just place it on any tray. You can obviously make your own base but I think its a bit too time consuming (Pizza dough recipe). I just like to bought a pizza bases from the supermarket. Next time I may even try this spelt base so I feel that its slightly more healthy.

Add a thin layer of tomato sauce. My mum always make it fresh and just puts it in old jars (Tomato sauce recipe). You could always use a store bought jar of tomato sauce though. When I am back at university I'm going to do that!

Swirl some pesto around your base. How much really depends on your preference. You don't even have to add this if you hate pesto. This is store bought. Marks and Spencer do the most amazing fresh pesto and it saves me the hassle of cleaning up. I am sure other supermarkets do great ones too I just have never tried it. You could always make it yourself if you are not lazy like me (Pesto recipe).

Chop up the buffalo mozzarella and spread it around the pizza. This stage took much longer than it should since I just kept eating all the slices I cut. I know you may think you'll swap out the buffalo mozzarella with cheaper mozzarella. However I really recommend using good quality cheese it makes a massive difference to the taste of the pizza. I think one reason this pizza tastes much better than other take away pizzas is because of the cheese quality.

Then throw on the cherry tomatoes. You could choose any other topping you have around. I am just obsessed with cherry tomatoes. They are so juicy and sweet!

Bung it in the oven. The length of time depends on your base. My pizza only took 10 minutes.

Et voilà easy peasy pizza. Slice it up and chow down.

After making this I don't know why anyone ever gets take aways/ buys frozen pizzas. This is much quicker, cheaper and tastier. I don't know about everyone else but the only thing I really have to buy is a pizza base. The rest of the ingredients are always around the house. Well they are in mine anyway. I mean aren't cheese and tomato sauce staples in everyones fridge?! I am already planning on making either a feta or goats cheese pizza next. My fridge always has a ridiculous amount of cheese in it!

Anyway next time you are shopping look out from some pizza bases and attempt to make your own pizza. Your mind will be blown how easy and how much better it tastes!


  1. Replies
    1. It is! You should try it some time! I just had a peek at your blog. Love your outfits!

  2. Looks delicious and amazing. I also love the name of your blog, that is how I feel so often.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I can never just have one macaron! Its a serious issue

  3. This pizza looks amazing!
    I don't think I've ever had buffalo mozzarella but I really want to try it now!

    1. Its incredible! Burratta is even better. Its like mozarella. I could talk about my love for cheese for ages haha

  4. You amaze me!

    Do you wanna follow each other? I would love that..

    Love from Amsterdam!

  5. That looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. You have a lovely blog, let me know if you want to follow each other. If you follow me, you can leave me a comment and I will follow you right back. Have nice day!

  6. I've done this before, it's the best! It's so much fun discovering new pizza toppings.

    1. Yes I made a goats cheese and caramelised onion pizza yesterday. It was incredible. I am already on the hunt for more ideas!

  7. Replies
    1. Its so good! I am starting to become addicted to making these

  8. This must be delicious! I have to make this sometime

    Purple Flamingo


    1. Yes you must its so good! Love the name purple flamingo!


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