Monday, 2 September 2013

Wardrobe Essentials: Top 5

When I was younger I used to spend all my money on whatever clothes were "on trend". Every season I would end up rejecting everything I bought the season before because it was no longer fashionable and spent more money trying to keep up with new trends. This also ended with me with a mismatch of clothes and me late for everything since I apparently had nothing to wear. Eventually I realised I had been going at it all wrong. I have now tried to create a wardrobe for myself which is filled with clothes which I like to think are timeless. I still like to spend my money on whatever grazia or the other magazines/blogs are telling me to buy once and while but I try to make sure I have lots of staples in my closet.

Here are my top 5 items I think everyone girl needs in her closet. These are the items which you can throw on with pretty much everything. They are prefect for the day when I am in a rush and I don't want to think up an outfit. Thats why usually when I have these items on it means I have "missed" my alarm and need to throw something on. When I say missed I really mean I thought 5 more minutes in bed was more important than wherever I had to be. I know you know you all do it too...

I apologise for the excess amount of black. In my defense black goes with everything and who doesn't look good in black?! I did add a few extras in the end which I think really pull outfits together and add a pop of colour.

           1. The Striped Top

Striped t-shirts always remind me of french girls. Heres a not very well hidden secret about me: I desperately want to be french...

Left to Right: MiHi, WoodWood, Asos & G-star

 2. The White Tee

I love that slogan t-shirt. I know everyone is wearing it but I don't care I want it! Oh and how cute is that little panda on the bottom of the other t-shirt?!

Left to Right: Asos- V neck, Boyfriend, Reason & Panda
3. Dark Skinny Jeans
I think the hardest thing is to find the perfect pair of jeans. Everyone has different body shapes and its so hard to find a pair that fits perfectly. My favourite pair are the Citizens of Humanity pair but Topshop do great pairs too! I haven't really tried any other high street jeans but I'd love to hear if you know any good high street brands with great jeans. Oh and I know I have a pair of leggings there. I have them and they are more like pants than leggings. They are so comfortable. I highly recommend them!

Left to Right:Citazens of Humanity Zara, Topshop- Blue/black & Black
4. Jacket

 I couldn't decide whether a leather jacket or blazer were more essential so you can decide for yourself!

5. Black shoes

I think when it comes to thinking about the ideal shoe there are too many styles to decide from but I know my staple go to shoes are always black. They just go with all my outfits. I'd happily wear any of these shoes they are all great styles since they can be dressed up or down. Well except for the heels but thats only because I can't walk in heels.

 Left to Right: Kurt Geiger,  Asos, Shellys & River Island

Left to Right: New Look, New Look, Mango & New Look

On lazy days bright and patterned clothes and accessories are great too since I can throw them on with any of my wardrobe staples and it would just make it look like I actually thought about my outfit when really I got to enjoy some well deserved (well not really but lets pretend they are) Zzzzzs...

Left to Right: Asos, Asos, Klear Klutch & Glamorous

So do you what would your wardrobe essentials be?


  1. I agree with all these suggestions! All are definite wardrobe staples. I love striped shirts - they're just so cool, casual and easy to wear :)

    1. Me too. I think they may be my all time favourite staples. You can never look bad in a striped top!


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