Tuesday, 17 September 2013

London's Bipolar Weather

So it has finally hit me that summer is over. I know its a bit late to realise this. I was a bit in denial and hoping all these london showers would end soon and it would go back to being warm and sunny. I know I was being delusional. To be honest I like the cold. It means I can wrap up in my knitwear and feel all cosy. The one issue I have with this change in weather is the rain. One minute it will be chilly but sunny and the next it will be pouring down with rain. I have lived in london all my life and you would think I would get used to the bipolar weather but it still drives me crazy. The weather was so frustrating I just decided to stay inside all day. I know most people can't just spend the day inside and hide out from the rain so I thought I'd show my essentials to surviving london's showers.

First things first you need a umbrella. This is obvious I know but they are the one thing I will try to never leave my house without even when its meant to be sunny all week. With London you never know so its better not to risk it. I used to go for really boring black ones but you can buy such amazing ones from anywhere. I have been eyeing clear ones after seeing the Queen carry them. I know some people wouldn't consider her fashion icon but I think she is. I hope I will be that well dressed when I am older. Once again I am going off topic. Go for a bright colour or patterned one. I love it when I see people making their umbrella the focus of their outfits. I honestly think they are extremely under rated. I'm weird I know...
Red Fulton & Pink Fulton
Left to Right: Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely & Jollybrolly
I hated wearing waterproofs when I was younger. They were always so ugly and ended up ruining my outfits. Browsing the internet the other day I realised there are now so many cool ones to choose from. I discovered this incredible french brand which specialises in rainwear which is still fashionable. Its called Wanda Nylon. Its not a high street brand but hey its a great place for inspiration/drooling. However I personally love down/puffer coats. They keep you extremely warm and dry. I practically live in my Moncler puffer especially when I am up north in university. Its like walking around in a duvet. I think they look good but I know they are not everyone's cup of tea. I have many people referring to me as the Michelin man. Anyway my point is just get a waterproof coat. You no longer have to pick between being dry or fashionable.

Left to Right: Asos, Wanda Nylon & Asos
Left to Right: Hilfiger Denim, Zara & Duvetica
I love wearing ballet flats but I hardly ever wear them in London since its either already raining or its meant to. I think there is nothing worse than wet shoes and feet. I hate how it feels like there is a puddle in my shoe and when I walk I get this squidgy feeling in my shoe. I explained that really badly sorry but I can't think of a good way to describe it. Anyway that's why I am obsessed with chunky sturdy shoes. I like having something to protect my feet from all the elements. I am usually sporting my biker boots. I do have wellies but I find them difficult to walk in. I don't think I have ever met anyone else who feels the same way so as you probably can walk in them get some. Again have fun and get some colourful ones.

Left to Right: Marc Jacobs, Miss KG & H by Hudson
Left to Right: Topshop, Mulberry & Topshop
If you do get stuck in a torrential downpour here, I think the one issue everyone worries about is their hair. Appearance wise you can get away with your clothes being wet but I think everyone notices the person with soaking wet hair. It can make people, including myself, look like a drowned cat. I remember once I was heading to meet some friends for dinner. I was only a few minutes away when it started to rain cats and dogs.

I came into the restaurant soaking wet since I had no umbrella or hood on my coat. Everyone laughed at how crazy I looked when my friend Emma pulled out a the smallest mini hair dryer from her hand bag. Needless to say I and everyone else was amazed something like that even existed. She had been staying at her boyfriends which is why she had it in her bag. As she actually reads this blog I thought I better clarify that so I don't get in trouble for making her sound like a crazy bag lady. Anyway I was just excited and dragged her to the loos so I could dry off. Luckily they had a plug so I no longer looked terrifying. The whole point of this is that I would highly recommend keeping this at your workplace or maybe even school for the days you end up getting unexpectantly getting soaked. I mean do you really want to drip all over everyone when you are trying to give a presentation or even flirt with your cute co-worker/classmate? I think not...

Mini Hair Dryer

So is there anything I have missed out?


  1. Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.

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  2. Lovely post :) x


  3. This is exactly what I carry! I ALWAYS carry an umbrella, if it's raining outside i'll pop on an oversized rain coat and instead of boots, I wear my Converse! :) xx


    1. I love my converse but they are too small for me now!

  4. i am flying to london tomorrow, so these words couldn't have come at a better time!

  5. nice post


  6. This is great! I live in Portland where its always on the brink of rain so this is pretty helpful! Love the first raincoat, too cute!


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