Friday, 13 September 2013

The Emergency Cake.

I was watching TV *cough*the hills *cough* (its my guilty pleasure okay!!) when I started to crave something sweet. I needed something fuss free and quick which I could whip up before the second episode started. Sadly I had run out of kinder kookie batter. Thats when I decided to make some emergency cake ie. cake in a mug. Rather than having to spend ages making an entire cake and missing my show I could have an amazing individual size of spongey cake within 5 minutes. Whats not to love?!

If you have been living under a rock and have never heard of cake/cookies in a mug then its simply cake which you make with a mug, spoon and fork. You can pretty much flavour it anyway you want. I usually go for chocolate since I always have the ingredients for it. You could go for something more unique like Chocolate Fluffernutter Mug Cake (it's so good). There is hardly any clean up involved. One of the reasons I don't like to cook is because I hate washing up after. So for all the lazy people out there like me this one is for you...

2 tbsp self raising flour
tbsp caster sugar
tbsp cocoa powder
1 egg
Some chocolate chips ( I just cut up some dairy milk since thats what I had around)
tbsp of sunflower oil
tbsp of milk
Icing sugar
Ice cream

Throw your self raising flour, caster sugar and cocoa powder in a mug and mix it all well.

Then crack in your egg and whisk it altogether with a fork.

After its all whisked together add in your milk and sunflower oil and mix it all up. It should be very liquidy now.

Chuck in you chocolate chips.

Place it in the microwave for 2½ minutes. My microwave at full power is 800Watt so you may have to adjust the time. This is the scary part. Watch it rise. I am always worried it will explode everywhere. Luckily it hasn't happened to me yet. I couldn't get the money shot since it is so dark in my microwave!

Try to let it cool for a few minutes. I sprinkled some icing sugar on top but you can skip this step. I like to have mine with a dollop of ice cream. 

And guess what? I made it just in time for the second episode. The cake was meant to last me the whole episode but it was gone within a few minutes!


  1. This is brilliant! I've never heard of doing this, but I will definitely be bookmarking this for when I'm having a cake crazy moment x

    1. Yes its so useful when you are craving cake!

  2. yummy !!

  3. yumm :)

  4. Oh wow this looks yummy. Definitely a perfect dessert for a cool Autumn night! Yes please! xo


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