Monday, 23 September 2013

Surviving University

Starting university is extremely nerve wracking for everyone. I am in my third year and I still feel slightly nervous. Each year is a complete unknown. I feel like every year of university is different. I think the scariest year was first year. I wish I had known what to expect it may have slightly helped with the nerves. Here are some tips for surviving your first year so maybe this with help with your nerves slightly...
  • Everyone is scared about the first day. I remember having to walk into the kitchen with everyone already sitting there. All I wanted to do was hide in my room. I somehow managed to get myself in there. I am not going to lie I didn't suddenly become comfortable. Everyone always laughs at how quiet I was during the entire freshers week (Well until we went out at night. Alcohol really helped as bad as that sounds!). I eventually warmed up to people but it did take me much longer than everyone else.
  • Keep your door open. Do it from the first day. It just welcomes people to your room. People will just pop your head into your door to say hi. It makes halls feel less depressing and lonely.
  • Don't worry if you aren't best friends with your flatmates. I was lucky to love my flatmates but I know some people who couldn't stand theirs. If you don't like yours just make an effort to get to know people in your course or join a society/club. You'll find people with similar interests it make take some time but as long as you make an effort to find people you like you will.
  • Make sure you come properly prepared. I came to university really unprepared. I packed the night before and bought everything else I needed on the day with my parents. Obviously with my memory I forgot to buy a lot of things. My parents constantly had to send me things which really didn't please them.
  • Learn some simple recipes and stock up on food. I could not cook at all before university. My mum kept trying to get me teach me things but as I was catered I thought I wouldn't need it. It came to me as a big shock when I found out I was only catered weekdays and only for breakfast and dinner. I lived off cereal for two weeks. I moved onto pasta and cheese for the rest of the year.
  • Make sure you go to all fresher's fair/ join societies. First year is the year where you can say yes to everything. I really regret not getting more involved with the university. Then second year came and I had no time with work and trying to keep in touch with everyone. Even if its just to grab some free food (we had dominos) go to your freshers fair and sign up to a bunch of stuff.
  • Do some work. I know you are probably this is a stupid tip but once you get there you'll understand how easy it is to get distracted. When your whole flat is planning to going out but you have a paper to write it's easy to tell yourself that "First year doesn't count" and that "I only need 40% to pass the year". People do look at your grades for example for internships, placements and masters. Also second year will be a shock to your system if you do no work. 
  • Do some exercise. I think one of the worst thing for yourself esteem especially for a girl is when you all of a sudden pile on the weight. You are going to drink and eat too much so try to join the gym or sports team to counter act this whole. Do you really want to gain the freshman 15? 
  • Find yourself a hangover cure. Everyone at university had their own little cure from bloody marys to berocca. They all managed to get themselves to lectures. I never worked my
  • Just have fun. You have no idea how amazing this year will be. As corny as it sounds it was the most incredible year for me. From all the nights out, to pranking each other (well more me getting pranked by my flatmates) and especially the nights we stayed up talking and eating till 4 in the morning.

So was this even useful? Not sure any freshers will read this but I hope this helps if you are a fresher! Oh is there anything I forgot to mention?


  1. Every year is definitely different. I've never lived in a dorm so the experience is different for me but these are great tips xx

  2. Nice tips. I know what you feel and I think what you say is pretty useful, I wish I had read something like that during my time in uni. x
    Fashion Landscape

  3. Nice post! xx

  4. I watched this film, so funny :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


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